Dan Starr, Yard work. I know a bunch and I'm cheap! ($12.50/hour, cash or check.)




Please ignore these videos. I no longer do this but I cannot figure out how to remove them.



My name is Dan Starr and and I'm a native of Tucson, Arizona. Want me to help? Good.

Do this NOW: contact me (link below or you can use the Navigation Bar to the left) and tell me what you want - THAT won't be changing any time soon! What result do YOU desire? I can't help you without you explaining this to me. /consultation is done live by me and usually takes a mere Contact me by clicking here and give me what I need to do a consultation with you. Hey, you can even wait till we set this   If you'd like to read more about what I've done then click here.  (for "My Story")

Go to "Contact Me" on the left (or click here) and tell me what you are looking for. What do I look like? Please see the video below.