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Your've reached the website of Dan Starr, Keyboard Instructor and Keyboard Performer.

You know how some adults struggle with getting something they like out of their keyboard? I can help!









Having some trouble with that keyboard of yours? Not sure what do with it - how to get what you want from it? Perhaps you haven't even purchased one yet and are looking for some recommendations. All begins with contacting me and explaining your needs/wants, as I tailor all I do to the needs of the person - THAT won't be changing any time soon!

My name is Dan Starr and and I'm a native of Tucson, Arizona. I'm a keyboard instructor, as well as an professional performer. I love to teach, so much so that I perform for nothing at all so long as whomever is "hiring" me knows that I will "troll" for students.

You don't stay in business since 1987 by ripping off decent people. I don't do it. First, a short video to convince you I can play well. Once you've watched this, then go to "Contact Me" on the left and tell me what you need/want in the way of music.

Learn about me at "My Story" (to the left!) or check out my

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