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I'm a local boy who both instructs you on what your keyboard can do AND performs those tunes you already love. Please contact me!




Having some trouble with that new keyboard of yours? Not sure what do with it? Or perhaps you haven't even purchased one yet and are looking for some recommendations. All begins with contacting me, as I tailor all I do to the needs of the person!  Contacting me is free.


Do you have a "special day" coming up? A wedding, an event, a party? All of these go better with music. I hope you'll hire me to provide it. Do contact me for a no-risk, no obligation quote. Contacting me is FREE!

My name is Dan Starr and and I'm a native of Tucson, Arizona. I'm a professional keyboardist, as well as an instructor.

Your music, your FAVORITE TUNES are what I will play for you (within my own abilities, natch, but these are considerable or so I'm told.)


Here you see me accompaning a vocalist.