You've reached the website of Dan Starr,  Tucson's Personalized Keyboard Instructor and Personalized Keyboard Performer. If you don't want personalized service I can't help!










Why mess with me and my solutions? Simple, you can NOT get them online, for free. If you want personal solutions, then you must have a personal instructor. (Only by assuming a "general student" can someone you have never even met teach you.)

Perhaps you haven't even purchased a keyboard yet and are looking for some recommendations. All begins with contacting me and explaining your needs/wants, as I tailor all I do to the needs of the person - THAT won't be changing any time soon!

Instruction and performance:

My name is Dan Starr and and I'm a native of Tucson, Arizona. I'm a keyboard instructor, as well as an professional performer. I love to teach, but if you want me to perform for you click here. Or watch this short video to convince you I can play well. Once you've watched this, then go to "Contact Me" on the left and tell me what you need/want in the way of music.